Sushi Confidential Catering’s mission is to provide unique, high-quality culinary event experiences that no other contemporary sushi restaurant or caterer can match. To consistently deliver on these experiences, we create a fun, energetic, and passionate employee culture that enables our employees to thrive in a constant learning, improvement, and growth environment. We aspire to be constantly recognized by our customers, our communities, and industry as the premier sushi caterer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Corporate Catering by Sushi Confidential

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"Believe the hype... believe all the buzz around Sushi Confidential Catering... it's all true. They are fantastically talented and make the best sushi."
Laurie H.
Fairfield, CA

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At Sushi Confidential in The Bay Area, we redefine corporate catering with a focus on sushi excellence. Our innovative approach and dedication to crafting exceptional experiences leave guests raving. Deeply Rooted in Experience, our contemporary and creative culinary trends set new standards in corporate catering, ensuring unforgettable events every time.”

"Always an office favorite, they arrive on time with well-prepared quality food."
Admin of Fortune 500 Software
Menlo Park, CA

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"Food came on time. Set up was great, they even came prepared with food cards that had the menu items and ingredients."
Cindy L.
Campbell, CA

Corporate Events

Let us craft an impeccable gathering for your friends, family, or colleagues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether it’s securing the ideal venue, curating the menu, selecting stunning décor, or crafting signature cocktails, we take care of every detail to ensure a flawless evening.

Corporate Lunch And Dinner Catering

At Sushi Confidential in the San Francisco Bay Area, we specialize in meticulously planning and executing corporate lunch and dinner catering services. Our curated catering experiences go beyond just providing food—we create memorable dining experiences. With a sense of ownership and a dedicated team, we ensure that every event is a success and that each client’s vision is brought to life.

Holiday Party Catering

A successful corporate holiday party is more than just an event—it’s a reflection of a company’s values and character. Whether you’re envisioning an elegant sushi-themed celebration or a festive extravaganza, our expertise ensures your ideas come to life. With a track record of crafting unforgettable office holiday parties, we’ve earned our reputation as one of the top holiday party catering companies in the area. Let us help you create a reflection of your company’s values and character, where achievements are recognized, and gratitude is expressed through an exceptional event tailored to your needs.

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"AMAZING! Fernando was great. He helped set up at our location AND he had cards for each of the sushi platters to show guests what was in it. Brought everything that was needed, we didn't need to do a thing."
Cupertino, CA

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"Food came on time. Set up was great, they even came prepared with food cards that had the menu items and ingredients."
San Jose, CA